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Useful git aliases

By Adam K Dean on

I've been so busy recently that this blog has been neglected. I'm planning on fixing some design quirks and adding in some archiving, maybe even giving it a biy of a face lift so it's not so drab. Something I don't want to happen is to have empty months when it comes to my archive so today is the last day of July and I'll show you what aliases I have in my git config.

    a = "!git add -A . && git add -u"
    ab = branch -avv
    dt = difftool
    s = status
    b = branch -a
    k = !gitk --all --select-commit=HEAD &
    r = remote -v
    rh = reset --hard
    pr = "!git add . && git add -u && git stash && git pull && git stash pop"
    logp = log -n10 --decorate --graph --pretty=tformat:\"%C(yellow)%h%Creset%C(cyan)%d%C(reset) %s %C(green)(%an, %ar)%C(reset)\" --relative-date
    diffp = diff --ignore-space-at-eol -b -w   
    llm = log -1
    unadd = reset --
    ua = reset --
    h = rev-list --max-count=1 HEAD
    list-merge-backups = !git status -su | grep -e'\\.orig$' | cut -f2 -d' '
    delete-merge-backups = !git list-merge-backups | xargs rm
    mergefrom = merge -s recursive -X theirs

Well, that was an easy blog post, but I can't use git without these, they save a lot of time!