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Hiatus / 5th Gen Blog

By Adam K Dean on

It's been over 12 months since my last blog post, which was back on before that domain expired. I'd moved most of the blog posts over from and let that domain expire, and now here we are, on with all the old blog posts.

The last year or two have been a really busy time for me, work aside; had a baby, bought a house, spent two months refurbishing that house, time really does seem stretched these days, but I've been able to put this blog together in an hour or two tonight using one of the products I work on @DADI. I used to build each blog myself, but that became a bit boring after the first couple, generally, I lost interest in such mundane tasks.

So, here I am, the 5th generation of my blog, bringing back some popular hits such as Cross thead calls made easy, No definition found for Table, and Reclaim your inodes by deleting dangling docker volumes.

New topics will probably focus around always-existed-only-now-people-care emerging technologies such as blockchains, cryptography, and decentralised applications.